About us

Meet the lazyman hook, the ultimate “cheater hook.” This hook adds vibration and flash to bait you are already using to fish bass. This hook originated on Toledo Bend hand made by an old fisherman that always caught fish even when the fish had lockjaw for everyone else. This old man always had a nice stringer. Unfortunately, the old man passed away but thankfully, some of his friends had some of the secret weapon hooks. As we all know, you lose baits. So after many years the supply ran out and we began backward engineering the hooks for our own use. After many months and many molds, we mastered the design and are proud to now offer them to the public for the very first time.


If you’re a fluke lover you will love this hook. The action is unbelievable and can be fished however you like. There is no wrong way to fish this hook. You can also use just about any soft plastic bait that you like. This hook has been exclusively tested with flukes for two years and has delivered awesome results all year regardless of water temperature.

Our family and friends fish Toledo Bend as much as possible. About a year ago, we started taking pictures of all the fish we caught with the hook that were 3lbs or more. People who had never caught a fish before much less a bass were enjoying reeling in bass including some nice six pound fish. We even have family and friends fishing saltwater with the hook catching red fish, specs, and flounder with flukes and minnow swimbaits.


This hook is truly one of a kind. There are few like it but none can match the Lazyman cheater hook. The only other similar hook in production at this time is weighted in the front of the hook causing the bait to nose dive when you pause or stop your retrieve. Also, their spinner blade trails the bait causing short strikes when the fish goes for the flash instead of the bait. However, the Lazyman Hook has a spinner blade located directly under the hook for extra fish attraction. If the fish goes for the flash instead of your bait, it must eat the hook. When used with a fluke, the Lazyman Hook will track through the water perfectly straight with a slight wobble from the blade. When stopped, the bait stays horizontal while falling which makes the bait look more natural. No more unnatural nose-diving that happens with most weighted swimbait hooks. With a pop-jerk or a twitch, you can make the bait come alive and act very erratic triggering fish that would otherwise ignore the traditionally rigged swimbait. Some call the hook their “fish finder” since covering water isn’t an issue. Your swimbait is now a spinnerbait just cast and reel if you enjoy a sore arm. But if you’re a Lazyman like me, you will enjoy casting out and letting your bait soak while you sip your beer and soak up the scenery. When you decide to reel it in a bit every now and again, you just might feel a nice tug on your line.